S.E.E. Macau Day 3: Patio do Cotovelo Cheung Fun

Posted on April 5, 2011


continues from S.E.E. Macau Day 2: Venetian – City of Dreams – Statue of Guan Yin 觀音雕像 – Wong Chi Kei 黃枝記粥麵.

We slept in till 9.00am on our final day in Macau knowing that it’ll be a long day ahead – yes, heading to yet another food paradise, Hong Kong in the afternoon!

For breakfast, it’s none other than ‘Chu Kuat Chuk’ (Pork Bone Congee) and ‘Siu Mai Cheung Fun’ (Steamed Flat Rice Noodle with Pork Dumplings) from Patio do Cotovelo 德隆新街.

This place is not that easy to be located but luckily for us, we stumbled upon it when we went exploring around the neighbourhood yesterday (but all sold out hence we decided to have it for breakfast today) 🙂

Just look for this sign and you’ll know you’re at the right place or simply ask the locals where Patio do Cotovelo 德隆新街 is. They’ll be more than glad to assist you 😀 Locals flock this place as early as 6.30am in the morning to take away their breakfast and I totally understand why after having tasted the dishes *grin*

The ‘Chu Kuat Chuk’ (Pork Bone Congee) is really too good to be missed! Smooth congee with tender sweet meat and sprinkles of  fried peanuts are all you really need on a cold breezy morning. The congee has been cooked and left to simmer for hours according to the boss, which explains its smooth texture and aromatic flavour infused by the pork bones. Priced decently at MOP11.50 (RM4.60) only.

While the congee is great, their signature ‘Siu Mai Cheung Fun’ (Steamed Flat Rice Noodle with Pork Dumplings) is just so-so. The plain cheung fun is drizzled with an interesting combination of sweet sauce, chilli sauce, sesame seed oil and a mustard-like sauce, topped with siu mai. We personally find the siu mai very starchy, perhaps too little meat and too much flour? 😦 The cheung fun is priced at MOP7.50 (RM3.0) per plate while each siu mai costs MOP1.50 (RM0.60).

Alley of Patio do Cotovelo
Left side before road splits between R.dos Mercadoros & Traverna Ateno Novo

Opening Hours:
6.30am till sold out

After the filling breakfast, we went back to the hotel to pack and check out. Free shuttle buses are available every half an hour from Metropole to the ferry terminal 🙂 We took the 11.00am one as we planned to board the 12.00 noon ferry over to Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

Me in front of the ticketing counters. There are many ferry companies and time available, just pick one that suits your schedule and budget!

New World First Ferry is our personal favourite and surprisingly, the price (HKD140/RM56) is still the same as it was 3 years back 😀

Goodbye Macau and Hong kong – here we come! 😀

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